There’s a much earlier “Conversations With Raymond” article than those I’ve recently posted on, on the Intellectual Renegade called “Never Has, Never Will.” [It’s posted on now.]

Starting with Laissez Faire Books

If you read that conversations with Raymond article you’ll see I’ve already referred to a couple of libertarian characters, Wendy McElroy, promoter of pornography, and Jeffrey Tucker.

The page with the original launch of what is now called the Laissez Faire Club is not available (not even on the Internet Archive) but it was reproduced by two other sites, the Libertarian Standard, and Prometheus Unbound

The announcements are identical on both pages. The following is significant: “Laissez Faire Books was fading into irrelevancy and, I think, in danger of being shuttered for good as it was passed from new owner to new owner. Enter Agora Financial, the latest owner of LFB, and hopefully the organization that will oversee its resuscitation and return to relevancy. With Jeffrey Tucker at the helm as executive editor, the prospects for profitability, innovation, and spreading the message of liberty are exciting indeed.”

The following, however, was a lie, “Laissez Faire Books will of course be publishing and selling ebooks and dead-tree books individually.” This accouncement was made in 2012, by 2013 there were no more real books, which was planned since 2011 by Agora Financial.

What’s In A Name?

It was Laissez Faire Books, then it was the Laissez Faire Club, (which apparently is still promoted).

Twenty years ago I bought books from Laissez Faire Books. In those days it was real books store, and a refreshing source for freedom and individualist oriented books. Now it is nothing more than a huge scam.

“Get Any Woman (And just about anything else you want, too)” is how it’s advertised.

Here’s what they are selling:

Our New “Psycho-linguistic” Research Reveals The Secret Phrases That Can Magically:

  • Make a woman march upstairs and get in your bed — even if she doesn’t know exactly why she’s doing it
  • Make a cop let you go, even if you were going 30 miles an hour over the limit (this one’s like a Jedi mind trick!)
  • Make a gun-wielding thug turn tail and run as though you were a superhero or something
  • Make a barroom bully drop his guard — so you can drop him like a bad habit
  • Make even the stingiest boss give you an immediate promotion, or a fat raise (or both)
  • Make the bank instantly slash as much as $100,000 or more off the balance of your mortgage
  • Make ANY bank instantly give you potentially thousands of dollars worth of precious metals!
  • Make anything cheaper, anyone your friend, any argument a victory, any deal a win, and 166 other incredible feats

Further down on the page you will discover who the “one-of-a-kind experts” who make up this organization are:

Jason Hanson, Addison Wiggin, Mark Morgan Ford, Al Sears, MD, Brad Lemley, Sandy Botkin, Zachary Scheidt, Frank Bates, Mike Leahy, Lee Bellinger, and Jeffery Tucker

Some Other Characters

You know that is now associated with Free the People

Their about page says, “At Free the People, our goal is a big one: to permanently shift power away from political insiders and Washington cronies, back to local communities and free people. Using cutting-edge technology and storytelling, we’re building a grassroots constituency that can translate good ideas into education, conversation, and social activism. This community influences culture and public opinion, and drives boots-on-the-ground social change from the bottom up.”

The following is the Free the People “team.”

Matt Kibbe,
Terry Kibbe (Mrs. Matt Kibbe),
Logan Albright,
Trey Grover,
Sam Martin,
Josh Withrow

Logan Albright is a research analyst for FreedomWorks, who, according to his Amazon profile, “… is an American author and moustache enthusiast whose many loves include language, music, good beer, and above all personal liberty.”

Trey Grover is another FreedomWorks associate where he was Production Manager.

Sam Martin currently serves as a Creative Director for CRTV which features Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, and Mark Steyn.

Josh Withrow is an Associate Editor for Conservative Review, was Legislative Affairs Manager at FreedomWorks.

Matt Kibbe is the president of, Free the People, and “Chief Community Organizer.” Really. The same job Obama held before becoming president. He is also, apparently, “a devoted Grateful Dead fan and has said that Deadheads exemplify the self-organizing principles he subscribes to.”

It is obvious that Free the People is just another conservative political site, not specifically interested in individual freedom, though they certainly aren’t opposed to it. I have no objection to their promoting their views, or to any of the individuals associated with these political sites. I personally do not agree with them, but I’m sure that would not matter to any of them.

Nevertheless, it is good, from time-to-time, to have a look at the people and programs one is directly or indirectly supporting and associating with.