When the police came to the Remi’s home to arrest Barbara’s husband Brad, in front of their two children in the middle of their favorite TV program, she became hysterical and a female officer had to restrain her until her husband had been taken and placed in the police car.

Sobbing, she screamed, “Why? What has he done? Why are you arresting him?” When she had calmed down a little, the female officer told her, “he’s being arrested on suspicion of child molestation and pedophilia.”

“But where, how, when?” Barbara asked, still a little hysterical.

“It was a girl at school.” “Almost every week,” the officer said.

Brad denied the charges, but the evidence against him was overwhelming. There were witnesses. Brad was the athletic coach and PE teacher at his middle school, and many of the students had seen him. “He watched her undress, and when she was taking a shower. He even touched her,” some of the witnesses said.

He did not help his case when questioned.

“Did you watch the student in question undress and shower?”

“I didn’t watch, but of course I saw the student undress and shower. But …”

“Just answer yes or no,” he was instructed. “Did you ever touch the student.” “Of course,” he said, “I have to …”

“Just yes or no,” he was interrupted.

They had heard what they wanted and they charged him.

There is no doubt the accusations against Brad were true.

The name of the student Brad is accused of watching and touching was Mary. Mary was a girl, and anatomically still is, but she decided to be a boy, changed her name to Max, and demanded to be treated like any other boy.

The school went out of their way to accommodate Max’s delusions, agreeing to address her, … err, … him, as Max and use male gender pronouns when referring to “him,” but Max insisted “he” use the boy’s toilet facilities and take boy’s PE.

There was a little resistance to those ideas, but Max, in spite of the fact he was no longer a girl, cried and with the help of a confused judge, got her, that is, his way.

Unfortunately for Brad, it was his PE class Max ended up in. Also, unfortunately for Brad, he had received his education in a typical liberal university and was totally PC indoctrinated and went out of his way to treat Max as he would any other boy, monitoring their behavior and helping them with their athletic training.

Fortunately for Brad, the charges against him, ultimately, had to be dropped, because they had been based on the belief that it was a girl he had been watching and touching, but the girl turned out to be a boy—at least for now.

The story of Max Bennan is a true one. The Brad part is made up just to illustrate the confusion raised by the PC nonsense that dominates our culture and educational institutions.

Max’s school is St. Michaels Middle High School in Talbot County, St. Michaels, Maryland.

Max says he has been ‘generally accepted and recognized as male’ by his classmates. But when he used the restrooms to change clothes, he reported receiving ‘weird looks.’ A gay rights activist group called FreeState Justice volunteered to take the school district to court. Judge Russell agreed that not allowing Max full use of the locker room ‘harms his health and well-being.’ Max now has the right to shower with the boys, while the case continues its way through the courts.

The judge that made the 40 page ruling is a Maryland federal U.S. District Judge, George Russell III.

Here is a bit of his brilliant logic”

“Russell … rejects out of hand the argument from the school the policy is lawful because it protects the privacy of other male students in the locker room who may be exposed to M.A.B.’s [Max’s] genitals.

“If defendants were concerned that children with different-looking anatomies were changing clothes in the locker room together, ‘then it would seem that separate [locker rooms] also would be appropriate for pre-pubescent and post-pubescent children who do not look alike anatomically,'” Russell writes. “But defendants have not separated locker rooms in that manner.”

No, no they haven’t, Judge. Neither have they separated them on the basis of stature, hair color, or weight. They’ve separated them on the basis of primary external sex characteristics—all the one’s with penises together, and all the one’s with vulva’s together. Penises with vulva’s don’t go together in middle high showers. Though obviously beyond the judge’s capability of understanding, there are both practical and ethical reasons for that separation.

Participants in St. Michaels Middle High School’s athletic programs are required to fill out and submit a form for a physical evaluation and medical exam. How does Max fill in the form space for “Sex,” or the three questions at the end designated, “Females Only,” “–Have you ever had a menstrual period? –How old were you when you had your first menstrual period? –How many periods have you had in the last 12 months?” If he answers male for his Sex, but has periods, what does he do? I guess he could always cry, and get the school to change the form. Than the facts won’t matter, though it might leave the doctors a little confused.

[Previously published on The Moral Individual.]